Pennsylvania House Democrats have a Plan for PA, a New Way Forward that puts People First with Good Jobs, Quality Schools and Fair Taxes.

Pennsylvania House Democrats have a Plan for PA, a New Way Forward that puts People First with Good Jobs, Quality Schools and Fair Taxes.

#Prepared4PA with the #Plan4PA.

(Feb 23, 2018) Pennsylvania House Democratic Caucus

While hundreds of state-system college students rallied at the Capitol Thursday to highlight the importance of Pennsylvania’s public colleges, the House Appropriations Committee on Monday kicked off three weeks of public hearings on Gov. Tom’s Wolf’s proposed 2018-19 budget. The g ... READ MORE

House Democrats to GOP: Stop spreading the flu

(Feb 14, 2018) Pennsylvania House Democratic Caucus

Would you want a person with the flu preparing your food, caring for your child in a day care setting or sitting next to you in the break room? Unfortunately, millions of people report to work sick fearing loss of pay or losing their job. As we’ve all seen on the news, this year’s fl ... READ MORE


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People First Plan for PA
Put People First Plan For PA: A New Way 


House Democrats want to protect your health and quality of life, and help you enjoy a retirement with dignity, security and the freedom you deserve. It’s time we change the rules so that the rights of all Pennsylvanians are protected; not just the rights of special interests and those at the top. Here’s how:

  • Ensure that everyone who works full time earns a living wage.
  • All working people in Pennsylvania should earn equal pay for equal work.
  • Make sure working parents have safe, affordable care for their children.
  • Promote strong families and a strong economy with affordable health care for everyone.
  • Give people the power they need to manage their own health care and health records.
  • Increase income limits for prescription assistance so more Pennsylvania seniors qualify.
  • Give every working Pennsylvanian a safe and easy way to save for a secure retirement.
  • Promote financial security and dignity for every Pennsylvanian when they reach old age.
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Good Jobs Plan for PA
Jobs Plan For PA:0A New Way Forward

House Democrats want to grow our economy and create good jobs that support families, expand opportunities and protect your financial future; not prop up an economy rigged for the well- connected and corporate special interests. Here’s how:

  • Support small businesses so they succeed and create more jobs.
  • Give entrepreneurs access to the low cost loans they need to start new businesses.
  • Clean up abandoned industrial sites to attract new businesses and jobs.
  • Match work-force development efforts to the jobs Pennsylvania businesses need to fill.
  • Keep young people in Pennsylvania to work and raise their families.
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Quality Schools Plan for PA
Education Plan For PA: A New Way Forward

House Democrats want to give our kids a great start in life, with quality schools that prepare them for a life of learning; not an education system that passes the burden on to homeowners and hardworking local taxpayers. And we want to give workers access to the education, skills and training needed for the changing workforce. Here’s how:

  • Make higher education and training more affordable for everyone.
  • Provide workers with the skills they need for today's in-demand jobs.
  • Help adults finish the education and training they need for good jobs and stable careers.
  • Reduce student debt and help young adults purchase their first home.
  • Provide a quality education, from Pre-K to college to workforce skills and training for adults.
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Fair Taxes Plan for PA
Fair Taxes Plan For PA: A New Way Forward

House Democrats want to make our tax system fairer and ease the burden on you and your family by lowering your taxes; rather than allowing big corporations and the wealthy to continue to exploit our unfair and broken tax system. Here's how:

  • Pass a fair severance tax like every other natural gas state has.
  • Base people's taxes on what they can afford to pay.
  • Reduce property taxes for homeowners by ending the free ride for gas drillers.
  • Reduce income inequality by treating all types of income equally for tax purposes.
  • End big-business tax credits that don't help working people and small businesses.
  • Everyone should pay their fair share; eliminate tax loopholes for big corporations.
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