Pennsylvania House Democrats have a Plan for PA, a New Way Forward that puts People First with Good Jobs, Quality Schools and Fair Taxes.

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#Prepared4PA with the #Plan4PA.

(Feb 23, 2018) Pennsylvania House Democratic Caucus

While hundreds of state-system college students rallied at the Capitol Thursday to highlight the importance of Pennsylvania’s public colleges, the House Appropriations Committee on Monday kicked off three weeks of public hearings on Gov. Tom’s Wolf’s proposed 2018-19 budget. The g ... READ MORE

House Democrats to GOP: Stop spreading the flu

(Feb 14, 2018) Pennsylvania House Democratic Caucus

Would you want a person with the flu preparing your food, caring for your child in a day care setting or sitting next to you in the break room? Unfortunately, millions of people report to work sick fearing loss of pay or losing their job. As we’ve all seen on the news, this year’s fl ... READ MORE

Governor's budget proposal reflects priorities of Pennsylvania families, those advanced in #Plan4PA

(Feb 06, 2018) Pennsylvania House Democratic Caucus

Gov. Tom Wolf delivered his 2018-19 budet proposal to a joint session of the General Assembly today. His proposal reflects the values and priorities of middle class families who want state government to finally work for them. It emphasizes the values and priorities advanced in the House Democrats&# ... READ MORE

Quality education with a promise

(Jan 26, 2018) Pennsylvania House Democratic Caucus

A key component of the Plan4PA is the promise of a quality education. According to a report by the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center , Pennsylvania ranks near the bottom of several categories that measure higher education achievement. Pennsylvania is 50 th in the nation when it comes to ... READ MORE

When you work more, you should earn more

(Jan 17, 2018) Pennsylvania House Democratic Caucus

The hardworking people of Pennsylvania who put in 50 or 60 hours per week and play by the rules should be paid fairly so that they can support their families and gain economic security. That’s a core value of the House Democrats’ #Plan4PA. For too long, the rules have not been in their ... READ MORE

Opiod and heroin abuse emergency declaration puts #PeopleFirst

(Jan 10, 2018) Pennsylvania House Democratic Caucus

Today, Governor Tom Wolf declared a state of emergency in Pennsylvania in response to the growing opioid crisis in the Commonwealth. This comes after more than 4,500 opioid related overdose deaths in 2016 and a more than 80 percent increase in emergency room visits for overdoses between 2016 and 20 ... READ MORE

#Plan4PA makes minimum wage a living wage

(Jan 08, 2018) Pennsylvania House Democratic Caucus

In a recent post we discussed the first tenet of the Plan4PA - #PeopleFirst. What better way to focus on putting #PeopleFirst in PA than discussing a living wage. According to a recent study by the Keystone Research Center, Pennsylvania is falling behind our neighboring states, which have increas ... READ MORE

People First

(Jan 04, 2018) Plan 4 PA

When you think of People First, do you think of tax breaks for corporations? Or limiting the availability of healthcare or wages for working middle class taxpayers? No, we don’t either. That’s why the PA House Democrats have put forth a plan to help working people and the middle class ... READ MORE

#Plan4PA– A New Way Forward

(Jan 01, 2018) Plan 4 PA

Welcome to the Pennsylvania House Democratic Caucus’ new initiative, the Plan4PA. House Democrats are proposing a new way forward, with modernized ideas to stimulate economic growth the old fashioned way – by creating good middle class job opportunities, providing educational opportu ... READ MORE

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