Pennsylvania House Democrats have a Plan for PA, a New Way Forward that puts People First with Good Jobs, Quality Schools and Fair Taxes.

Governor's budget proposal reflects priorities of Pennsylvania families, those advanced in #Plan4PA

Pennsylvania House Democratic Caucus   Feb 06, 2018

Gov. Tom Wolf delivered his 2018-19 budet proposal to a joint session of the General Assembly today. His proposal reflects the values and priorities of middle class families who want state government to finally work for them. It emphasizes the values and priorities advanced in the House Democrats' #Plan4PA -- instead of the agenda of the special interests.

The governor's budget proposal invests in #QualitySchools in every community, and emphasizes accessible and affordable workforce training for adults in all stages of life so they can gain the #GoodJobs today's growth industries provide -- the jobs that that offer family-sustaining wages and successful careers.

The proposed budget eases the burden on the middle class by focusing on #FairTaxes so you don't have to pay more just so corporations and billionaires can pay less. Everyone paying their fair allows school districts to reduce property taxes and makes sure communities have the resources in place to maintain the roads, bridges, and public health and safety services that allow businesses and families to thrive.

The proposed budget puts #PeopleFirst by making sure wages keep pace with inflation and that middle class families can finally get ahead. Workers keeping more of the dollars they work so hard to earn boosts local economies and saves taxpayers money by reducing the cost of government services and support too many working families are forced to rely on even after they get paid.

The governor's budget supports opportunity for everyone by making sure all kids in Pennsylvania have access to a quality education, every worker can build financial security for his or her family while keeping their children safe and well cared for, and by making sure every worker, regardless of gender, race or family background, can reach their full potential and is paid fairly and equally for their work. 


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