Pennsylvania House Democrats have a Plan for PA, a New Way Forward that puts People First with Good Jobs, Quality Schools and Fair Taxes.

A strong workforce vs. political self-interest

Pennsylvania House Democratic Caucus   Mar 22, 2018

For too long we’ve seen working families struggle while the wealthy special interests get all the breaks. The Republican majority keeps this rigged system in place through a variety of tactics, including the gerrymandering of congressional districts.  

Republican leaders have spent the better part of this year fighting in court to keep their gerrymandered maps in place so they can pick their voters and maintain their majorities. Even though the United States Supreme Court and a separate federal court ruled in favor of the people of Pennsylvania and a fairer redistricting map, Republicans are still fighting for the status quo.

Rather than running bills to foster good jobs and fairer taxes, Republicans are now pushing legislation to impeach the Pennsylvania Supreme Court justices who ensured Pennsylvanians the fairer map.

What does this have to do with the House Democrats’ Plan4PA? Everything. It’s past time to give working families a break. The Plan4PA is about putting people first with good jobs, quality schools and fair taxes.

This week we introduced another bill to strengthen career and technical education programs for students and working adults through public-private partnerships. You can read more about that here.

A strong workforce for Pennsylvania or political self-interest. Which should legislators choose? Which do you choose? Please join us in telling Republican leaders to get their priorities straight.


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